What is homotoxicology?

Homotoxicology is basically a marriage between conventional or allopathic medicine and homoeopathy. It is the science of toxins and their removal within the body. Its main philosophy is that disease is caused through toxins, either external toxins (known as exogenous toxins) or internal toxins (known as endogenous toxins) produced by the body itself through imbalances in the self-regulatory processes. When these toxins are not eliminated by normal means in the urine, faeces or sweat then they accumulate in the body causing disease. This can be exacerbated when the psychonueroimmune (PNI) system becomes challenged. The first stage of the disease process is inflammation. If inflammation is suppressed then deposition occurs, which if not corrected, will lead to cellular toxicity and result in degeneration and potential neoplasms (cancers). Symptoms of disease are the body’s way of telling us what stage the disease is at and the level of treatment is required. Therefore, the main focus of homotoxicology is to rid the body of toxic substances and restore the body to optimal health.

Is homotoxicology safe?

Yes, it is perfectly safe. The efficacy and safety of homotoxicology are supported by well over 100 clinical trials and more than 20 years of treating diseases throughout the world.

How does homotoxicology differ from classical homoeopathy?

In classical homoeopathy we use single remedies at a time and wait to see the effect each remedy has on the body’s innate healing ability. Conversely, homotoxicology uses remedies in combination, but at homoeopathic dilutions.

What are anti-homotoxic remedies made from?

The remedies are made in homoeopathic dilutions and include single remedies in different potencies; viruses; bacteria; allergens; parasites; fungi/yeasts; chemicals; food additives; pollutants; metals; minerals; plants; tissues; coenzymes and co-factors.

Why can’t I just use classical homoeopathy?

When a disease has gone too far or has been suppressed by so many allopathic drugs, it is sometimes difficult for a single homoeopathic remedy to work. That is why the German physician and homoeopath, Hans-Henrich Reckeweg, developed homotoxicolgy.

How does homotoxicology work?

Depending on the stage of the disease, remedies are given that help the body remove the causative toxins (a process of detoxification and drainage). Other remedies help treat acute symptoms such as pain and inflammation, whist others help support the tissues, cells and organs that have become diseased. Also, immune support is given along with remedies that assist in cellular respiration.

How long will the treatment go on for?

You will be assessed at 6-weekly intervals and treatment tailored accordingly.

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